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          The explosion-proof electro-hydraulic valves, cryogenic valves and other valves produced by the factory are designed, manufactured, tested and accepted according to GB (Chinese national standard). According to the requirements of use conditions, occasions, media, etc., cast steel materials such as WCB, 304, 316L, etc., anti-corrosion PTFE, etc. are used as seals, working pressure: 0.02-4.0Mpa, caliber: 15-200mm, explosion-proof electro-hydraulic valve control: manual control and electromagnetic control are provided; During manual control, place the manual control handle in the horizontal state, that is, open the valve, and place the handle in the vertical state, that is, close it. DC24V500mA under electromagnetic control × 2 AC; 220V50A × 2. It can realize precise automatic control with microcomputer. This product is an ideal control executive element for petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, brewing and other industries.


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