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          • Low temperature valve test and inspection

            2022/10/21 9:23:10

            The main parts of the low temperature valve are processed at low temperature and each batch is sampled for low temperature impact test to ensure that the valve is not brittle and can withstand low temperature medium impact under low temperature conditions.
          • Low temperature valve clamping should be how to deal with

            2022/10/21 9:22:30

            Today, most urban resources are transported through the urban plumbing system, including running water, gas, oil, and so on, which we need to use in our daily life. When it comes to the current pipeline delivery system, these resources are generally transported by low temperature pipeline
          • Use of long neck cover on low temperature valves

            2022/10/21 9:21:45

            General low temperature emergency cut-off valve, low temperature globe valve, low temperature check valve, LNG special low temperature valve, NG special low temperature valve and so on are used in the long neck valve cover, these valves are mainly used in 300,000 tons of ethylene, liquefied natural gas and other chemical equipment.
          • Instruction and acceptance of piston electro hydraulic valve

            2022/10/21 9:20:38

             When installing the electro-hydraulic valve, ensure its correct flow direction, and the flow direction sign is on the valve body. When THE NEW PIPELINE IS INSTALLED AND THE PIPELINE IS flushed, THE ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC valve must be removed first to avoid welding slag and debris remaining in the valve body and causing the electro-hydraulic valve to be closed loosely.
          • Electro-hydraulic valve business opportunities are unlimited

            2022/10/21 8:36:55

            Worldwide, there are many kinds of valve driving devices (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric-liquid linkage or gas-liquid linkage, etc.), complete specifications, safe and reliable. In recent years
          • The low temperature valve has the following performance characteristics

            2022/10/21 8:35:15

            the valve cover is designed as a long neck structure, can isolate the influence of low temperature medium on the packing, can prevent the performance of the cover seal is reduced, but also make the valve open and close flexible
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