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          • Special construction of low temperature valves

            2022/10/21 10:05:47

            A cryogenic valve body should be able to withstand the expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes, and the structure of the valve seat will not be permanently deformed by temperature changes.
          • Low temperature valve and pneumatic actuator

            2022/10/21 10:04:55

            Different requirements for temperature determine the need to use different types of valves in the pipeline, one kind of low temperature valve is used in the pipeline with ambient temperature between 40 degrees Celsius and 200 degrees Celsius, to play a role in the regulation of the medium.
          • Marine low temperature valve will become a big market of low temperature valve manufacturers in the

            2022/10/21 10:03:55

            With the booming development of LNG industry, the LNG ship market is booming. As one of the main equipment of LNG ship valve, the low-temperature valve will be strengthened with the LNG ship market.
          • Low temperature valve parts material selection

            2022/10/21 10:03:00

            Under the condition of low temperature, the tensile strength and hardness of the material are increased, the plasticity and toughness are decreased, and the material presents different degrees of low temperature brittleness, which seriously affects the normal operation of the low temperature valve. 
          • Low temperature valve friction resistance and simple structure reasons

            2022/10/21 10:02:22

            As the main pipeline medium transmission, gas pipeline, natural gas pipeline, these are flammable and explosive medium, so in such a medium used to adjust the valve also need to have certain structural characteristics, here is to introduce the main structural characteristics of the low temperature valve used in it.
          • The main reason for cryogenic valves to use enlarged cover

            2022/10/21 10:01:21

            The use of low temperature valve is an indispensable device in the current low temperature pipeline system, and when it comes to the adjustment and utilization of this valve, it makes the flow of the pipeline medium more rapid and more stable. 
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