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          Low temperature valve and pneumatic actuator
          Different requirements for temperature determine the need to use different types of valves in the pipeline, one kind of low temperature valve is used in the pipeline with ambient temperature between 40 degrees Celsius and 200 degrees Celsius, to play a role in the regulation of the medium. This low temperature valve is suitable for some liquefied gas pipelines, mainly used to adjust the transmission volume of gas medium, to ensure the normal gas transmission in the pipeline, there will be no gas imbalance at both ends of the pipeline. At present, there is a pneumatic actuator, its role is to drive the valve body to operate in the pipeline, played the effect of automation. As the main control, the actuator and regulating mechanism act together on the low temperature valve, so that this device can fully reflect the value.

          If the combination between the actuator and the valve is to improve the quality of pipeline delivery, then the significance of the actuator for the valve industry is an important sign of industry oriented automation. As one of the automatic execution units, pneumatic actuators can play a huge role, using the connecting rod technology to drive the low temperature valve plate movement, played a role in the control of pipeline gas medium.
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